Hardwood Flooring in Gastonia, NC

Hardwood Flooring in Gastonia, NC

Hardwood refinishing & installation services

Tim Gunn Floor Service can install timelessly beautiful hardwood flooring anywhere in your home. Our floors are available in many colors, qualities and styles. They're also very affordable. Do you already have hardwood floors in your home but you want to extend that to other rooms? We can match your existing floors and carry over the hardwood to the rest of your home.

You can use hardwood flooring outside of your home. We also install it in commercial settings like offices and retail stores. Hardwood works great in sporting facilities, too.

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Particles and contaminants from outside don't get stuck to hardwood. It's a lot easier to keep your home clear of allergens like pollen and spores. While carpet fibers often cling to dust, germs and debris, with hardwood floors you don't have that risk.

Hardwood floors can be scraped or scuffed, but they can just as easily be sanded, smoothed and refinished. Your hardwood floors will be easy to maintain and repair should they become damaged.

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